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    How to operate the 2000 series control panel.

    Use the options described below to operate and test the D2212, D2412, D2812 panel types using a D222 or D223 type keypad.

    Press 1

    System Test Mode (Installer switch closed)

    Close the Installer Switch and when the keypad responds with ‘System Trouble Press 4 to View’, Press (1) to enter System Test Mode.  The keypad will respond with Enter Code to Start Test. Enter the installer code (default=654) and the following menu options will display:

    1)       Bell Test

    2)       Battery Test

    3)       Phone Test

    4)       RF Programming

    5)       Point Status (Press 5 and the first two points display, press the asterisk (*) to advance to next two points.  All points will display regardless if programmed.)

    6)       Relay state

    7)       Menu item (7) is not used

    😎       Keypad programming

     Press the number corresponding with the desired menu option.

    Press 2

    Answer RPS

    Press 3

    Reset Sensors

    Press 4

    Check System Troubles

    If system troubles are present, the keypad will respond with System Trouble Press 4 to View. Press 4 and the Call For Service text will appear.  Press and hold the 5 key and one or more of the following will appear:

    1)       Low or Missing Battery

    2)       Stand-By Switch Locked

    3)       Aux Power Trouble

    4)       Bell power Trouble

    5)       Receiver # Tamper

    6)       Receiver # Trouble (No Signals)

    7)       Receiver # Trouble (Jammed)

    Press 5

    Change Passcode

    Enter old code, enter new code, enter new code again, the keypad should respond with Code Changed.

    Press 6

    Show Passcode Type / Add Passcode

    1. Enter Owner Code to modify codes

         1) Press 9 to renew one time codes

         2) Press 1 to change code types- Displays current code type. Responds with: Select Code (1-8). Select code and:

              1.       Select 1 for Owner

              2.       Select 2 for User

              3.       Select 3 for One-Time code

              4.       Select 4 for Disabled

         3) Press 0 to change code.  Responds with: Select Code (1-8). Enter new code. Enter new code again.

    2.  Press 0 to change code.  Responds with: Select Code (1-8). Enter new code. Enter new code again

    Note:  Adding passcodes is controlled in panel programming.  If pressing 6 or the code entered is not allowed check the panel program setting for Change Passcode.  

    Disabled:  Passcodes cannot be changed from the keypad.

    Owner: The function requires an owner type passcode.

    Owner & User: Any owner or user passcode type may be used.

    Press 7

    Select Watch Tone 

    Responds with: Enter Code to Change Tone. Select one of the following:

      1. Off
      2. Short Beep
      3. Beep Till Key
      4. Beep Till Closed

    Press 8

    Change Watch Points 

    Responds with: Enter Code to Change Points.

    Enter Point number + * to toggle watch mode on or off for points.

    Press 9


    Press 9,9

    All-On with No Delay

    Press 0

    Part On

    Press 0,0

    Part-On with No Delay

    Press /hold CLEAR key

    Toggle backlighting ‘Always Illuminate’  / ‘Illuminate with keypress’

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