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    How to set the D8112 test timer.

    NOTE: Copy the panel program before performing this procedure.

     In the automatic test report section, set line 35, interval, to 24 .

    1. Set line 36, days, to no .
    2. If line 37, months, is set to no, the keypad will display day of week. If set to yes, it will display date .
    3. If using modem format, leave line 39 blank . Otherwise, enter the report code for a 24hr test.
    4. If using modem format, set line 40 to yes .
    5. All other lines in this section can be left at their default values.
    6. Once these lines are set, send this program back to the panel.
    7. Go to the keypad and enter cmd45 to set the time. This is in 24hr format (for example, 8:00 a.m. is entered as 08:00, and 8:00 p.m. is entered as 20:00).
    8. After entering the correct time, press the command bar.
    9. Enter cmd46 to set the day of week or the date:
    10. Sun=1, Mon=2, Tues=3, Wed=4, Thur=5, Fri= 6, Sat=7
    11. If using date, enter the month/day (for example, 12/16)
    12. Once done, press the command bar
    13. Enter cmd48 to set the first test time:
    14. To set a new day and time, enter the day of week on which the test is to start, then the time that the test signal is to report.
    15. After entering the correct day and time, press the command bar
    16. Programming of the 24hr test report is now complete.
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