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    How to tell what the problem is if the D621 zone led's are flashing

     There may be a zone trouble or the zone may be bypassed. When a point is bypassed, it can be faulted without starting an alarm event. For example, your kitchen has just been painted and you want to leave the windows open but still turn on the system. Bypassing points allows the system to be on but prevents it from monitoring undesired points. 1. Ensure the system is turned off (All and Part indicators are not illuminated). 2. Press [BYPASS]. The keypad may prompt you to enter a valid passcode by flashing the Cmd indicator. 3. Enter your passcode if necessary. Enter the Point Number that you want to bypass followed by the [*] key. For example, if you want to bypass Point 10, enter [1] [0] [*]. Repeat this step until all points that are required to be bypassed are programmed. Bypassed points flash on the keypad (Figure 11). To un-bypass a point, repeat the steps above for the desired point number. 5. Press [Cmd] to exit this command.

    Or to check point trouble use:

    View Point Trouble (Cmd 48)

    Use this command to view which points (if any) are in trouble.

    1. Make sure the system is turned off (All and Part indicators

    are off).

    1. Press [Cmd] [4] [8]. The keypad may prompt you to enter

    a valid passcode by flashing the Cmd light.

    1. Enter your passcode. The keypad displays all points that

    are in trouble (if any). Refer to Table 7.

    The keypad only displays Points 1 to 16.

    Table 7: Trouble Points

    Point Trouble Condition

    Off No Point Trouble

    On Wiring Fault

    Flashing Slow RF Sensor Low Battery

    Flashing Fast RF Sensor Missing

    1. Press [Cmd] twice to exit the View point trouble


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