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    How to troubleshoot Invalid ANI/DNIS Digits on D6600 Receiver


    What can cause ANI or DNIS numbers to show all zeros instead of the correct number?


    Determine the length of the DNIS digits. If ANI is used, determine the sequence and order of the ANI and DNIS digits. Determine the end-of-transmission (EOT) character used with the Telco equipment.

    ∙ Set or verify the length of the DNIS digits in setting The value represents the number of DNIS digits present on the incoming line with the 4 DNIS digits being the minimum allowed value. The settings of zero may be attempted if the length of the DNIS digits is unknown. An incorrect number of DNIS digits can result in all zeros being displayed for the DNIS number in all incoming signals.

    ∙ Set or verify the usage of ANI along with DNIS in setting If the sequence is ANI + DNIS on the incoming phone line but the configuration is set to an order of DNIS + ANI, this will produce all zeros for the ANI and DNIS numbers. If ANI is not present on the incoming phone line, use a setting of zero for

    ∙ The D6640 line card supports an EOT DTMF tone of #. The D6641 will support additional EOT DTMF tones, such as * or #. Ensure the line card is running the latest released firmware version to ensure compatibility.

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