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    How to troubleshoot Invalid Contact ID Signals


    What can cause a panel sending Contact ID to produce Data Errors in the receiver?


    Verify the length of the data error. A panel sending contact ID will send 16 digits for the Contact ID signal.
    Common causes of the panel not sending the correct number of digits include the following:
     - Voice over IP with Low Sample Rate or Line Compression
     - Line card or Line Terminator Card on the receiver (D6600 only)
     - Panel problem (Corruption, Bad Dialer, etc)
     - Noise on the phone line

    There is a checksum value in the Contact ID signal. An incorrect checksum will cause a data error. An invalid checksum value may be caused for the same potential reasons as a dropped DTMF digit (see list above).

    Possible fixes for the problem include the following:
     - Reprogram the field panel
     - Swap panel
     - Use a dedicated, analog phone line
     - Swap the Line Card and Line Terminator Card in the receiver
     - Have a qualified telephone technician check the phone line on the site with the panel or at the receiver for problems.


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