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    How to troubleshoot RPS Full Edition Installed From RPS Lite

     After installing RPS Full edition, the RPS software was then uninstalled and RPS Lite edition installed;  However, the Full edition of RPS still reinstalled even while using a RPS Lite. Below is a solution to correct the issue:

    RPS uses the same installation files for both RPS Full edition and RPS Lite edition. The installation is determined by a folder copied to the installation drive (e.g. C: ) called ‘RPSLicense’. In order to switch between Full edition and Lite edition, the RPSLicense folder must be deleted before the installation of the software. Complete the following steps:

     1. Backup any existing database using the currently installed edition of RPS by logging into RPS and going to File | Backup, if required.

    2. Uninstall RPS from the program list (e.g. Windows 7 using Control Panel | Programs and Features)

    3. Do not uninstall SQL Server, but note the authentication and user name, password combination if SQL Authentication is used.

    4.Reboot the computer after RPS has been uninstalled.

    5. Locate the RPSLicense folder on the installation drive (e.g. My Computer | Local Disk C: ) and delete it. Also delete the RPS folder if applicable.

    6. Insert the RPS Lite/RPS  CD or downloaded installation files and begin the installation. RPS Lite/RPS will now be installed using the existing SQL Server instance.

    • After the installation is complete, login to RPS Lite/RPS edition and go to Help | About Remote Programming Software and confirm the edition. Now restore the backup file by going to File | Restore, if required.

    This can be applied to either RPS or RPS Lite.

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