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    How to troubleshoot sending or receiving D8112 programming with the D5200.

    Procedure for sending or receiving the panel program:
    1. Connect the D5200 program cable between the D5200 Communicator port and the RJ-11 connector in the upper right corner of the D8112.
    2. Select the 8112 handler in the D5200 and press ENTER GROUP.
    3. Place the cursor on the correct 8112 version: D8112E, D8112E1, D8112G, D8112G1, D8112G2 or D8112A.
    4. Momentarily short Disable Restart (terminal 32) to Common (terminal 29).
    5. While the cursor is blinking beside the correct panel version, press RECV(COPY) to receive programming or SEND(LOAD) to send programming to the panel.
     If the D5200 programmer has difficulty sending or receiving programming:
    1. Try removing serial data connections from the panel.
    2. Remove devices from terminals 29-32 by either removing wires from terminals, or remove the terminal strip from the right side of the control panel.
    3. Place a momentary short between Disable Restart (terminal 32) and Common (terminal 29). If the terminal strip has been removed, carefully place a jumper wire across the holes where terminal 29 and 32 would be. 
    If still receiving errors during attempts to copy the D8112:
    1. Check the D5200 programmer for adequate free memory and verify the 8112 handler is not corrupted.
    2. Turn on the D5200 and enter passcode
    3. Press the up arrow until DISK STAT displays and press ENTER GROUP. The following screen will appear:
    • Current Disk: A
    • SizeKilobytes: 512
    • FreeKilobytes: XXX

    The number by “FreeKilobytes” should be 60K or greater to effectively operate the D5200.  Less than 60K could result in erratic operation of the programmer and possible corruption of panel programming.

    Check for corrupted handler:      
    1. Place the cursor on the panel type (8112E, 8112E1, 8112G, 8112G1, 8112G2 or 8112A) and press ENTER GROUP.
    2. Continue pressing ENTER GROUP on several levels of the program. If the message "BAD DATABASE FILE" appears, the 8112 handler is corrupted.
    3. Delete the 8112 handler immediately and use the update feature to obtain a new copy.
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