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    How to unbypass a fire point on the 7000/9000 Series panel?

    Fire points typically should not be set up so that they can be bypassed. Arming and disarming the panel should unbypass fire points unless Bypass Returnable is set to no. If this is the case use Command 00 to unbypass points.

    -Press cmd 00, enter pin if prompted,

    -When prompted for point # press enter and it will unbypass the first bypassed point.

    -Then fix the point index for your fire points. In the Index set Bypass returnable, Bypassable, and Swinger Bypass to no. Send program back to panel.

    -If using the D1256 keypad you will need to add the unbypass command option to the menu items list.

    -Get a copy of 9000MAIN, enter group on User Interface, then enter group on Command Center Functions.

     -In Command Center Functions find Unbypass a Pt. Make sure that it is set to E for enable, if set to P use space bar to toggle to E.

    -Exit group twice and then enter group on Function List. Change Menu Item to 5 and press enter.

    -On the next line named "M5 Function" enter a 26 which is the Unbypass a Pt function number.

    -Press enter and make sure that CC Address is yes for the Command Center number (keypad address).

    Now send load back to the panel. Now the option to unbypass points will show up in the menu on your D1256. To access this command press esc, then press next until you find unbypass. Press enter. It will ask for the point number, press enter and it will unbypass the first point that is bypassed. Once all fire points are unbypassed you may want to adjust your point index as directed above to insure that fire points do not become bypassed again. 


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