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    How to use CMD 58 Fire Alarm Test Mode D8112


    D8112 Fire Alarm Test Mode Command 58.


    Fire Alarm Test Mode


    In security systems with 24-hour Fire protection, the COMMAND 58 Mode lets you test your fire alarm installation without assistance. Other than entering and exiting this test mode from the keypad of an Alpha II Command Center, all testing is performed at the initiating devices installed throughout the building; no other entries are required at the keypad. Upon completion of testing, you can EXIT the Test Mode by pressing the COMMAND bar and the 5 and 8 keys.

    Your security system is programmed so that before you can use COMMAND 58, you must enter a passcode beginning with any digit from 1 to 8.

    CAUTION: All Central Station reporting is suppressed while in the COMMAND 58 Test Mode, except Opening and Closing reports from independent zone controls. Call your Central Station before using this function.

    In the COMMAND 58 Test Mode, your security system will execute the following functions:

    • Immediate 2-second audible alarm, indicating a successful detector test.
    • Automatic smoke detector reset operation (Does not require manual entry of COMMAND 47).
    • Central Station signal indications of test mode status and restoral to normal status following test mode.
    • No unnecessary and repetitive alarm signals to the Central Station during test mode sequence.
    • Alpha II display count provides running tally of each detector alarm response.
    • Printed record of each alarm test response on local printer (if included with your system). Unless all zones are dedicated to fire alarm, you can only enter the COMMAND 58 Mode while your security system is disarmed. If you attempt to enter the COMMAND 58 Mode while your system is armed, C58 NOT ALLOWED will appear in your Alpha II display. The Function Keys do NOT operate in the COMMAND 58 Mode.


    To use COMMAND 58:


    1. Press the COMMAND bar. Display: SYSTEM COMMAND
    2. Press the 5 key. Display: SUB COMMAND
    3. Press the 8 key. Display: ENTER YOUR COMBO
    4. Enter Passcode. Example: 1 2 3 4 5 Display: * FIRE TEST * 0 0 0
    5. Audible Watch Tone sounds (One Second Pulses) from the Alpha II Command Center while in Test Mode.
    6. System transmits a signal to the Central Station, indicating start of the test mode. NO alarm signals will be transmitted to the Central Station while the system is in the COMMAND 58 Test Mode.
    7. A Trouble Zone "F" signal is recorded on local printer (If a local printer is included with your system).

    NOTE: If NO initiating devices are tested or other system activity does NOT occur for a period of 15 minutes while in the COMMAND 58 Test Mode, your system will automatically exit this Test Mode and resume normal operation. Therefore, it is important to maintain continuous testing activities until all initiating devices in the system have been tested to avoid false transmission of alarm signals and possible misinterpretation by Central Station personnel.


    To test initiating devices in the COMMAND 58 Mode: IMPORTANT: As you test each initiating device, your system counts the individual points of protection only. Wait for the alarm annunciation to stop before testing the next device. If you do not wait, the device test count (number of individual points of protection tested) at the Alpha II display will be incorrect.


    1.) Manually test (place) initiating device in alarm condition (Perform test in accordance with established testing practices for such devices).

    Example: * FIRE TEST * 0 0 0 NOTE: ALL types of Fire Alarm initiating devices can be tested in the COMMAND 58 mode, however, only smoke detectors require a 10-Second automatic reset operation. In the COMMAND 58 Mode, your system will automatically perform a 10-Second reset after each device tested regardless of the initiating device type.

    2.) Listen for 2-second steady or pulsed alarm (depending on programming). The alarm time is approximate.

    3.) After test, wait for 10-second sensor reset (reset time is approximate).

    Example: RESET SENSORS

    4.) After 10-Second reset, repeat Steps 1-3 for each initiating device in the system. Note that the Alpha II display will reflect each initiating device tested by number count after each sensor reset.

    Example: FIRE TEST 001

    5.) After ALL initiating devices have been tested, the Alpha II display FIRE TEST * # # # will reflect the total number of initiating devices you have tested.

    Example: * FIRE TEST * 125

    CAUTION: ALL Central Station alarm and trouble signals are suppressed while in COMMAND 58 Test Mode (except Opening and Closing Reports initiated from independent zone controls). Therefore, it is strongly recommended that this feature NOT be used in systems requiring Duress, Holdup, or other 24- hour zone functions that would be affected by the signal suppression of this test mode.


    To exit the COMMAND 58 Test Mode:


    1. Press the COMMAND bar. Display: * FIRE TEST * 125
    2. Press the 5 key. Display: * FIRE TEST * 125
    3. Press the 8 key. Display: READY TO ARM
    4. System transmits a signal to the Central Station, indicating the Test Mode is terminated and the system has resumed normal operation.
    5. A Restoral Zone "F" signal is recorded on a local printer (If a local printer is included with your system).

    Part numbers D8112, D8112E, D8112E1, D8112G, D8112G1, D8112G2

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