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    How to use CMD56 to add user codes to the D4412/D6412.


    When adding a code in a D4412/D6412 using CMD56, begin by Pressing 3 to change areas assigned. Follow the below instructions to add a code using CMD56.

    1.  Press CMD56 followed by a valid passcode if required. The keypad returns: Push 1 to Change Code, Push 2 to change authority level, Push 3 to change areas assigned.

    2.  Select 3 to change Areas Assigned. The keypad displays: To Change areas for code 1, Press 1* and increments thru all available codes users in the panel.

    3.  Enter the user number for the new code followed by *.

    • The D6412 keypad displays: Press 1-4 to toggle areas. Press CMD to continue.
    • The D4412 keypad displays: Press 1-2 to toggle areas Press CMD to continue.

    4.Toggle the area numbers on or off by pressing the area number. Select areas to assign followed by CMD. Press CMD again to return to the option list.

    5.  Select 1 to Change Code. Press the number of the user followed by * and follow the screen prompts to add a code. Press CMD to return to the option list.

    6.  Press 2 to change Authority Level. Press the number of the user followed by *. The keypad will return the currently programmed authority level for this user and prompt to enter new level. Enter the required level and press CMD to exit.

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