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    How to use the D1265 when the address is not programmed as Enhanced.

     Enhanced, Command Center,Keypad Program

    The D1265 is an 'Enhanced Command Centers' which require an additional setting in the selected address in the panel program.  With an address setting of 8, the D1265 can access keypad programming on GV3 panel types with firmware version 8.10 and higher regardless of program settings.

    Note 1: Keypad programming is only available when all areas are disarmed.

    Note 2: Access to keypad programming is controlled in the User Interface area of the panel program and when disabled the D1265 will be unable to modify program settings. 

    1.  Set the D1265 to address 8.
    • Press and hold the 0 button for at least 5 sec to access the set-up menu.
    • Using the up and down arrows select address 8. Press Save followed by Back to exit the set-up menu.

    2.  Lock the Reset pin, S1.

    3.  At the prompt; Enter Passcode enter the installer passcode, the default code is 123, followed by enter.

    4.  Select Keypad Programming

    5.  Press Next, Next and select the menu option Command Center.

    6.  Press 8 and Enter (ignore the displayed second digit)

    7.  Select TYPE, then Edit, then YES (to change to Enhanced=Yes) then Save.

    8.  Press Exit to escape from Keypad Programming

    9.  Set the D1265 back to address 1.

    • Press and hold the 0 button for at least 5 sec to access the set-up menu.
    • Using the up and down arrows select address 1. Press Save followed by Back to exit the set-up menu.
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