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    How to use the D621, D623, or D625 to arm an area outside its assigned area.

    • The D4412 and D6412 use the D621, D623 or D625 command centers. Pressing All-On or Part-On on the will arm only the area where the keypad is assigned.
    • Command 50 may be used to move to an area other than the programmed assigned area.  After moving to the selected area, press either All-on or Part-on to arm the area.
    • Command 80 may be used to arm all areas.
    • Command 81 may be used to disarm all areas.
    Note:  Commands 80 and/or 81 must be enabled by an individual with assigned authorization to perform the function.

    Use Command 50 to move to another area and arm: 

    1. Press [CMD] [5][0] and enter a valid code if required.
    2. The keypad will scroll through all available areas. Press the desired area number to move to the area. 
    3. Press All-On or Part-On to arm the selected area.  Pressing and holding [CMD] will exit the Command 50 feature returning the keypad to its “home” area.

    Use Command 80 to arm All Areas:

    1. Press [CMD] [8][0] and enter a valid code if required.      
    2. Hold down the All On key for 2 sec and it forces all areas to All On. 

    Use Command 81 to disarm All Areas: 

    1. Press [CMD] [8][1] and enter a valid code if required.
    2. The keypad will indicate all areas are off.
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