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    How to activate multiple auxiliary relays on Area Wide or Panel Wide Events.

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     Programming Area Wide or Panel Wide Relays will only allow a single relay entry.  Use an auxiliary relay such as the D130, D133 or D134 when multiple relays are needed to energize on a panel event.

    Use auxiliary relays to activate multiple relays on panel wide or area wide events
    • How to use the panel’s onboard A or B relay to activate an auxiliary relay.
      • Program the panel wide or area wide event to activate onboard relay A (terminal 6) or relay B (terminal 7).
      • Use the +12Vdc provided upon activation to energize the auxiliary relay(s) when the panel wide or area wide event occurs. The aux relay N/O and N/C contacts will follow the event.
      • Note; the onboard relay C (terminal 😎 provides a constant 12Vdc until activation and can also be used to energize the auxiliary relay. While normally energized, its N/O and N/C contacts will follow the event, closing the N/O contacts, or opening N/C contacts when the event occurs.
    • How to use an expanded panel relay such as a B308 or D8129 to activate an auxiliary relay.
      • Program the area wide or panel wide event to activate an expanded panel relay such as a B308 or D8129.
      • Use the B308 or D8129 Form ‘C’ contacts to switch voltage to the auxiliary relay, triggering its form ‘C’ contacts to follow the panel area wide or panel wide event. The aux relay N/O and N/C contacts will follow the event.
    • ** Note - this cannot be used for UL Fire Applications to trip NAC circuits **
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