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    How to add further authorization numbers to an already licensed CCU

    In order to add authorizations to an existing license, the current license key is required as well as the new authorization numbers.

    How to find this key is detailed in another article:

    How to find the license key loaded in a DCN-CCU2

    Follow the next steps for adding the new authorizations:

    1. Go to
    2. Fill in the CCU's Serial Number and CHK:
    3. Enter the current license key (this is found on the license key document received after activating the previous authorization numbers).
    4. In the following windows the license information is shown and it's possible to add additional authorization numbers.
      1. If multiple authorization numbers need to be added, choose "Next Authorization"
      2. If all authorization numbers are added, choose "Finish register"
    5. Next window will give the opportunity to register a spare CCU if applicable.
    6. A last verification is done in the next window, if things need to be changed, the process goes back to step 4.
    7. The license key with all information is shown on the next page. Note that the Print button doesn't work in all browsers, for this refer to "Printing the License Key document to PDF"
    8. Upload the license key into your CCU or NCO. The Bosch ‘download and license tool’ is to be used to upload your license into a CCU2.
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