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    How to correct the D344-RT Test function is not working?

    This is how to troubleshoot where turning the key to the Test position does not put the smoke detector inside the duct enclosure into alarm, which will likely be due to the coil is missing.


    Step-by-step guide


    The D344-RT Remote test/indicator plate includes a test coil and wiring harness. Selecting the test position energizes the coil, which simulates placing a magnet beside the smoke head. The test coil must be properly installed in order for the test function to work.



    Figure 1 Remote Test/Indicator Plate

    The steps below from the D344-RT installation manual provide steps for installing the test coil into the duct housing. Follow these steps to either install or confirm proper installation of the test coil.

    1. Remove the smoke detector head from the duct detector housing.
    2. Insert the test coil under the smoke detector base, rotating the coil until screw hole is aligned with the mounting plate as shown in Figure 1: Test coil installation.
    3. Using one of the mounting screws, attach the test coil to the smoke detector base as shown if Figure 2: Mounting screw installation.
    4. Re-install the smoke detector head.
    5. Connect the wiring harness by attaching the connector with three wires to the smaller connector from the D340 Family housing’s Power Card and attaching the connector with one wire to the connector located on the side of the detector head as shown in Figure 3: Wiring harness connection.
    6. Connect all wiring between the test/indicator plate and the D340 Family housing. For detailed wiring information, see the D344-RT wiring section of the pertinent D340 Family Installation Instructions.


    1.  Test Coil Installation

    1 ― Test coil.

    2 ― Rotate the test coil counterclockwise to align screw with mounting plate.




    2.   Mounting screw installation

                  1 ― Test coil mounting screw



     3.   Wiring harness connection

    1 ― Connector with one wire

    2 ― Connector with three wires


    • The D344-RT Remote test/indicator plate is used with the following:
    • D340/D341/D342 Families of Duct smoke housings.
    • D343 (legacy product) Family Duct smoke housings.
    • D296/D297 Long‑range beam smoke detectors.
    • Note:
      • The Test Coil and wiring harness are only included with part number D344-RT.
      • The Test Coil and wiring harness are not included with part number D307.
      • The Test Coil and wiring harness can not be ordered separately.
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