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    How to use the DX4010V2 for connecting to the FPD-7024 with RPS?

    Connect the FPD-7024 to RPS with the DX4010V2


    Step by step guide


    1. Connect the DX4010V2 to the FPD-7024 option bus (main board lower right corner) observing proper wiring connections; R-B-G-Y.
    2. Set all DX4010V2 dip switches (1-8) to Up and On for option bus Address 250.
    3. Press (0) on the faceplate keypad to enter Program Mode.
    4. Enter the Installer PIN code(default = 9876). The top line of the display should read Program Modes.
    5. Press (3) Program System.
    6. Press (4) Option Bus.
    7. Press (1) Update Bus.
      1. Note:       The keypad will display “Updating . . .  TOT BUS DEVS: XX”. 
      2. XX = the total number of devices on the option bus.  If an incorrect total of devices appears, (i.e.  00), inspect wiring and addressing of option bus devices and repeat steps 5-7. Each option bus device must have a unique address.
    8. Press (7) Remote Program.
    9. Press (1) Enable.
    10. Press (* / BACK) key two times to return to Program Modes.
    11. Press (6) Program Accounts.
    12. Press (4) Ring Count. Enter 02 followed by (# / ENTER).
    13. Press (7) ALT. COMM.
    14. Press (1) Serial.
    15. Press (* / BACK) key 3 times to exit programming.
    16. The red LED inside the DX4010V2 should be flashing.
      • Note: If the DX4010V2 LED is not flashing, open the DX4020V2 cover and ensure the LED Jumper P2 is in place
    17. Open the FPD-7024 account In RPS, select Connect via Enhanced Direct.
    18. Once programmming is completed and the DX4010V2 is removed, the Option Bus must be updated again so the panel is no longer supervising it (otherwise a trouble is generated).
      • Press (0) on the faceplate keypad to enter Program Mode.
      • Enter the Installer PIN code (default = 9876). The top line of the display should read Program Modes.
      • Press (3) Program System.
      • Press (4) Option Bus.
      • Press (1) Update Bus.
    19. Press (* / BACK) key 3 times to exit programming.
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