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    What is the difference between AVIOTEC 8000I IR and AVIOTEC IP STARLIGHT 8000?



    What is the difference between AVIOTEC 8000I IR and AVIOTEC IP STARLIGHT 8000?





    AVIOTEC 8000I IR



    • Accessories necessary:
      • Housing
      • IR illuminator
      • Bracket
    • Automatic focus
    • Manual focal length adjustment
    • Planning/ Installation: Effort needed for connection to illumination
    • IVA parallel to fire detection image-2023-11-2_14-42-35.png
    • No accessories necessary
      • Integrated housing image-2023-11-2_14-42-35.png
      • Integrated IR illuminator image-2023-11-2_14-42-35.png
      • Integrated bracket image-2023-11-2_14-42-35.png
    • Automatic focus
    • Focal length adjustment via GUI image-2023-11-2_14-42-35.png
    • Integrated IR illuminator if external illumination fails, no planning necessaryimage-2023-11-2_14-42-35.png
    • No IVA in first version


    • Flame size: 1.1% picture width
    • Smoke size: 1.6% picture width
    • Standard verification: 8s/ 15simage-2023-11-2_14-42-35.png
    • Max. smoke speed: 9% picture width/ s
    • Min. smoke density: 40%
    • Detection black smoke: no
    • Min. illuminations: 2 Lux (0 Lux with IR)
    • Max. inclination angle: 37.5°
    • Max. dynamic factor: 5
    • Flame size: 1.1% picture width
    • Smoke size: 1.6% picture width
    • Standard verification: 10s/ 10s image-2023-11-2_14-42-35.png
    • Max. smoke speed: 30% picture width/ s image-2023-11-2_14-42-35.png
    • Min. smoke density: visible in the image image-2023-11-2_14-42-35.png
    • Detection black smoke: yes (if visible inimage-2023-11-2_14-42-35.png image) 
    • Min. illuminations: 1 Lux (0 Lux with IR)
    • Max. inclination angle: ~40°image-2023-11-2_14-42-35.png
    • Max. dynamic factor: ~1000 image-2023-11-2_14-42-35.png


    • Resolution: Full HD
    • Lens: 4.1 - 9mm, changeable 
    • Operating temperature: -20°C - +50°C
    • IP-Classification: IP43
    • Alarm outputs: 1 x Alarm
    • Resolution: 4 MP
    • Lens 4.4 - 10mm fixed
    • Operating temperature: -40°C - +60°C
    • IP Classification: IP67
    • Alarm outputs: 1 x Alarm, 1 x Trouble


    Nice to know.pngNice to know:


    Thanks to the latest AI technology and deep learning methods, the newest generation of fire detection cameras AVIOTEC 8000i IR becomes the best, fastest and more robust option for applications where traditional detectors might find limitations. The improved algorithms, together with higher quality images and an integrated infrared illuminator can reliably distinguish within mere seconds between harmless occurrences and the start of a real fire - even in the harshest of environments.


    Main features and benefits:

    • All-In-One Camera - No need for additional accessories

    •  4MP Sensor - For better image quality

    •  Integrated lens - Motorized adaption of the focal length without manual adjustments

    •  Integrated IR-illuminator - No planning of illumination necessary: 24/7 stand-alone operation

    •  Alarm- & trouble relay - Connectable like standard conventional fire detectors

    •  New algorithms - Faster, more robust and more sensitive


    How does it work?
    In the event of flames and smoke, the camera's built-in intelligent algorithms analyze the scene in real time by concatenating and transforming the input data. Deep learning AI directly analyses the data and if a fire is confirmed, it triggers an alarm and sends a signal either to the fire panel or the Video Management System.


    Typical application areas 

    • Industrial manufacturing

    • Transportation: airports & railways

    • Logistics and warehouses

    •  Parking: eMobility

    academy.pngFor a better understanding of using AVIOTEC 8000I IR, we encourage you to join our online Trainings from Bosch Building Technologies Academy!

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