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    Getting a connection error when accessing the AEC webpage

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    When trying to access the Access Easy Controller via Microsoft Edge, Chrome or other web browsers, you may get an error, "the connection for this site is not secure", which prevents you from connecting to the AEC.


    Possible causes and solution(s)


    • Causes


    This error has been caused by an update in the web browsers. Exactly what in the update has caused the issue is unknown.


    • Solution


    There are currently 3 workarounds to this issue:

    1. Uninstall the current version of web browser you are using to access the AEC - Edge, Chrome, etc. Install a version of that browser from early to mid January. Most of them will be version 97.x.xxxx. Once installed and you are able to login to the AEC, make sure you DISABLE automatic updates for that browser or the error will eventually appear again. The disable updates process is different depending on which browser you are using. You can find them online.
    2. This option is not available on Windows 11! You can use the older web browser "Internet Explorer" to access the AEC as well. You may have to perform a search for it on newer PC's as it is not enabled by default.
    3. For Chrome and Microsoft Edge, there is a process to use them in "Internet Explorer" mode. The steps to do this can be found by searching online depending on what browser is being used to access the AEC.
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