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    How to trigger an AMC relay to fire on an access granted event?

    This guide would be useful if a relay needs to be triggered from an access event to a external system.

    Ex: to sound a siren, turn on an LED, trigger another external relay, etc.


    Step-by-step guide


    1. Log into AMS, "server or client". Navigate to Configuration/Device Data.
    2. In DevEdit, click on the AMC controller that will be used to trigger the relay.



    3. Once you select the desired AMC controller, select the "outputs" tab on the controller.


    4. Next look in the "assigned" column and select an output that "doesn't" have any text already in that column. See screenshot below:


    5. In the "Output data" section below, click on the State "reader shows access granted".


    6. Select the "arrow" symbol pointing to right. That should put the event you selected in the column. See screenshot:


    7. Click on the column "Param 12" and on the reader that is displayed in this column. This can be changed to the reader that will trigger the "access granted" event if necessary.


    8. In the "Action" section, select which "action type" you desire. Most will generally use the "trigger" option but others can be used depending on your requirements.



    9. Also in the "Action" section select the desired time period to trigger the relay. You can also set other time options if necessary and available. See screenshot:


    10. Once you have selected and configured all of the desired options, click on the "save" icon to complete the changes.


    11. One option to check if the relay is firing is to go to that configured AMC controller and navigate to the section that will display DIG. IO ............. Present a valid card to

      the configured reader and then check to see if it triggers the correct relay configured on the AMC controller. The small dot will extend DOWN if the relay triggers.

      In the example below the first two dots are down and therefore activated. This is an indication of the strike relay and the configured relay triggering.

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