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    Possible solution for AEMC HTTP 500 error



    An HTTP 500 error is an Internal Server Error.  The root cause of the issue in this case is that there is not enough space left in the AEMC storage.




    There is a setting in the AEMC/Allplex system to overcome the insufficient space problem. The user will have to configure the following setting in the server setup --> housekeeping section. You will need to define the number of days to keep the database. The default value is unlimited.


    1. Log into the AEMC/Allplex and select "Server setup" from the options on the left.
    2. Then select "Housekeeping" from the options on the top.



    Housekeeping allows the user to manage the Activity Log and Audit Log in the system. User can delete the unwanted logs that are no longer required manually as well as to specify the number of days of the logs to be kept in the system and the system will store the logs of only the most recent specified number of days in the system.


    How to Use the Auto Housekeep?

    1. Choose the number of days of both the Activity Log and Audit Log to be kept in the system.

      User are given a choice of 30, 60, 90 and 120 days. For example, if user chooses 30 days, the system will automatically delete the Activity and Audit Logs from the system if they are more than 30 days from today's date. User can also choose unlimited, which means the system will not delete the logs from the system.

    2. Click on the floppy disk button to save the settings.
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