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    How to troubleshoot Subscript out of Range error

     The error typically appears with "older" intrusion panels

    Perform the following steps:
    1.  Make sure you are connecting to the panel in a way that panel model accepts.  If, for example, you were to try to use the Enhanced Direct method of communication to a D9112B, you would get the "subscript out of range" message.
    2.  Disconnect all other devices off of the SDI BUS except for the device you are using to connect to RPS.  If this resolves the issue, reattach the other devices one-by-one and test with RPS until you find the one device that is causing the problem.
    3.  Create a new panel in RPS and try to connect with that blank panel.  NOTE:  If you successfully connect with the blank panel record, do not choose the "send to panel" option as that will default your panel.  Either receive the data from the panel, or just disconnect.  If this resolves your issue, this may imply that your original panel record had become corrupt and should be rebuilt.

    4. Verify the panel you created in RPS is the "correct" model of the actual panel. Ex: Create D9112 panel in RPS but actual panel is a D9112b1.

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