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    HP Workstations and HP Enterprise Server - Ticket Requirements

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    CTN Product ID  Description 
    MHW-WZ2R4-PEDE  F.01U.319.459

    WS - Performance Edition – DE



    WS - Performance Edition – UK


    F.01U.319.461  WS - Performance Edition – RU 
    MHW-WZ4R4-NGDE F.01U.311.237  WS - High Performance (w/o GC) – DE 
    MHW-WZ4R4-EEDE F.01U.311.240  WS - Extreme Edition - DE 
    MHW-WZ4R4-NGUK  F.01U.311.238 

    WS - High Performance (w/o GC) - UK

    MHW-WZ4R4-EEUK  F.01U.311.241  WS - Extreme Edition - UK 
    MHW-WZ4R4-NGRU F.01U.311.239 WS - High Performance (w/o GC) -RU 
    MHW-WZ4R4-EERU F.01U.311.242 WS - Extreme Edition -RU 
    MHW-WZ4R4-HEUS  F.01U.311.243 WS - High Performance -US 
    MHW-WZ4R4-EEUS F.01U.311.244

    WS - Extreme Edition -US

    MHW-AWGC-K620  F.01U.311.245 

    NVIDIA Quadro K620 2GB Graphics Card

    MHW-AWGC-K2200  F.01U.311.256  NVIDIA Quadro K2200 4GB Graphics Card 
    MHW-AWGC-K4200  F.01U.311.257 

    NVIDIA Quadro K4400 4GB Graphics Card

    MHW-AWGC-K5200  F.01U.311.258 

    NVIDIA Quadro K5200 8GB Graphics Card

    MHW-AWGC-ATIW21  F.01U.311.259 

    AMD FirePro W2100 2GB Graphics Card

    MHW-AWGC-ATIW51  F.01U.311.260 

    AMD FirePro W5100 4GB Graphics Card

    MHW-AWGC-ATIW71  F.01U.311.261 

    AMD FirePro W7100 8GB Graphics Card

    MHW-AWGC-M4000  F.01U.320.346 

    NVIDIA Quadro M4000 8GB Graphics

    MHW-WPD6R1-DE  F.01U.316.037  WS - Mini Desktop Edition - DE 
    MHW-WPD6R1-UK  F.01U.316.038  WS - Mini Desktop Edition - UK 



    WS - Mini Desktop Edition - RU



    WS - Mini Desktop Edition - US 


    WS - Mini Desktop w/ Monitor Wall - DE 



    WS - Mini Desktop w/ Monitor Wall - UK 



    WS - Mini Desktop w/ Monitor Wall - RU


    F.01U.316.044  WS - Mini Desktop w/ Monitor Wall - US 


    Bosch Standard Application Server (WW) 
    MHW-S380R8-SCUS  F01U279506  Bosch Standard Application Server (US) 
    MHW-S380R9-SC F.01U.314.766  Bosch Standard Application Server (WW) 
    MHW-S380R9-SCUS  F.01U.314.765  Bosch Standard Application Server (US) 
    F.01U.353.747 Z4 G4 Management Workstation


    The data collected based on the basic questionnaire (diagnostic checklist) should be used to provide the necessary information on the reported issue when opening the HP or HPE support ticket if the issue cannot be solved by simple actions described in the questionnaire.

    Diagnostic Preparation Checklist HP Workstations & Servers:

     To help us provide you with a fast and efficient service, please complete this template before calling HP, or attach it when submitting a case on the HP Support Case Manager.

    General Information

    * Mandatory fields

    • Company name*
    • Company Priority Access PIN code *
    • Customer contact name *
    • Phone number *
    • Service address/country * (location of the unit to repair)

    • Contact email address *

    Symptom specific Information

    * Mandatory fields

    Product information

      • Product number * See label E.g.: M3P18EC#ACB
      • Serial number * See label E.g.: CZC5xxxxxx, 2UA3xxxxxx
      • Model number See label E.g.: Z440

      • Bios / firmware
      • Operating system
      • Service pack
      • Image source

    Diagnostic checklist

    • Description of incident * E.g.: no power, fatal system error occurred
    • If the problem has already been diagnosed, fully document the diagnosis, process and tools used.
    • Have any other problems with this system been reported? If so, please describe them.
    • Was HP diagnostic software used? (Yes / No) If so, what were the results?

    • Are any error messages displayed on the monitor? Please provide a full, detailed description.
    • Are any LED lights on? (Yes / No) Which lights and what colour are they?
    • Are the LEDs blinking? (Yes / No) If so, what is the blink pattern?

    • Are the fans spinning? (Yes / No)
    • Are there any sounds or beeping? (Yes / No) If so, please describe them. Please describe any sounds, and when they occur.

    • Can user see Hewlett Packard logo when booting up?  (Yes / No)
    • Can the Microsoft Windows logo or other operating system logo be seen?  (Yes / No)
    • Has the system been tested with a known good power supply and / or battery?   (Yes / No)

    • Was the system tested with a known good monitor? (Yes / No) What were the results?
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