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    How to Reset the Install PIN in the FPD-7024, D7024 or DS9400 Series fire panels?

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    • There are 2 silver solder pads in the lower left corner of the main board with the letters "PROG" above them (see figure 1 below). Follow the steps below to return the installer code to default.

    2018-05-25_14h07_41.pngFigure 1 Shorting the 2 silver program pads to default the installer code

    1. Short the 2 silver program pads together with a jumper wire for 3 seconds while the panel is powered up.  The panel will reboot and prompt for the current time and date.
    2. Enter the correct Date (MM/DD/YY) followed by #.
    3. Next enter the correct Time (24 hour clock format 11PM = 23:00) followed by #.
    4. The Programming code is returned to the default code: 9876.
    5. The user code for User 1 is returned to the default code:1234.
    6. The panels's programming remains unchanged and only the Installer Code and the code for User 1 is changed.

    Note that some programming features may be limited.

    • When the installer code is changed for security reasons, it may be discovered that access to some programming features is limited.
    • Programmers have an optional Anti-takeover Setting when using Remote Programming Software (RPS). When this option is changed from the default setting; Allow all local programming, some programming options are not available.

    Anti-takeover Setting Options:

    • Allow all local programming (default setting): All programming items may be accessed from the local keypad.
    • Lock phone/account numbers only: All programming except phone numbers and account numbers may be accessed from the local keypad.
    • Lock all local programming (except Date/Time and all user PINs): Allows only the Date and Time to be set from a local keypad.
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