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    How to count people or other objects with Video Analytics?

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    This article describes how to count with Bosch Video Analytics with How to Video and a Technical Note on the topic.

    View the video to get initial idea how to set up the feature, short explanations on the prerequisites and an example configuration.  

     For in depth description of the feature counting please check the attached Technical Note. It provides background information and technical details and can support you to configure and optimize a particular counting scenario. 

    How to Video:



    In this video, you will learn how to add the 'Counter' task by going through the following steps:

    1: Creating the 'Counter' task and counter limit

    2: Define the lines

    3: Filter by Object Class, Size, Motion and Color

    4: Finishing the task and viewing the end result



    All Bosch cameras have built-in Video Analytics as standard which is ideal for business analytics like people counting or analyzing customer behavior in retail. Video Analytics is also perfect for small and medium businesses, large stores and commercial buildings to use for advanced intrusion detection or enforcing health and safety regulations (e.g. enforcing no-parking zones or detecting blocked emergency exits). The camera-based real time processing can also be used to issue loitering alarms, detect left objects and detect a person or object entering a pre-defined field.


    Technical Note on Counting

    ⚠️ Note

    The Tech note attached to this article is only for fixed cameras.

    Looking at the chapter 4.6: resetting counter is only applicable for fixed cameras.

    For moving cameras:

    • The counter gets also a reset after moving the camera or calling a preset.
    • Also going into the IVA task in Configuration Manager for that camera will call the preset of that task and then it will also rest the counter.


    The attached document describes in depth the count feature of Video Analytics. It explains how to plan the camera perspective and best practices for camera view, the set up for the scenario people counting and the options to access the counter data.


    Note: If needed you can get additional how to information on camera calibration.

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