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    How to extract logs from VIDEOJET decoder 7000 (VJD-7513) via WEB GUI?

    To extract the logs for the Decoder, open your browser and navigate to the Decoders web GUI
    Only HTTPS:// is supported here.


    Step-by-step guide


    1. Enter the Service Password (must be configured if not then no Logs will be extracted but you will also not get any feedback)
    2. Enter a password to Encrypt the exported data
    3. Click Button to Create the Export.ZIP file
    4. As soon as you see on the Decoder Monitor "You are about to be signed out", this indicates that the Logs are ready to be downloaded.

      1 Extract logs from VIDEOJET decoder 7000 (VJD-7513).png

    5. Click on the link <Log data file> to download the encrypted Export.Zip file

    2 Extract logs from VIDEOJET decoder 7000 (VJD-7513).png

    Now you have the Exported Data, what next?

    • First you will need to Decrypt the logs (after extracting from the ZIP file)
      • Note that the export.dat file and the ExportDecryptor application must be in the same directory.
      • Open the provided ExportDecryptor.exe

        3 Extract logs from VIDEOJET decoder 7000 (VJD-7513).png

      • Enter the password provided by the customer

        4 Extract logs from VIDEOJET decoder 7000 (VJD-7513).png

      • After successfully decrypting the data, you will see the ExportData folder
        • Which contains, the following:
        • Monitor Wall logs and Config in the VIDOS folder
          • The Config file is XML based, so it is possible to read the current config of the Decoder.
        • Copy of the Windows Log folder

    5 Extract logs from VIDEOJET decoder 7000 (VJD-7513).png

    Note:*When you are providing the Central Technical Support team with these logs, the password used to encrypt the exported data must be provided as well. 

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