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    How to get the lens of FLEXIDOME IP starlight 5000i back in its position in case of lens-holder gap?

    In case you have noticed a gap between the left and right of the lens installation, this might cause improperly focus for the camera's image.

    Therefore, please proceed as explained in this document or as per steps below:


    Step-by-step guide


    1. Disassemble IR ASSY (IR LED + IR Holder): 3x M2x6 torx screw.



    2. Loosen the 2x side screws holding the lens: 2x M2 hex screw.



    3. Pull slightly the lens (do not pull it out completely) and push it back.



    4. Tighten the 2x side screws holding the lens: 2x M2 hex screw, 0,025Nm torque



    5. Re-assemble the IR ASSY (IR les + IR Holder): 3x M2x6 torx screw, 0,1Nm torque



    In case the focus issue is not solved after following the steps above, RMA is recommended.

    1. You have to fill in the RMA form with the necessary contact details.
    Please make sure that the customer number is filled in correctly. You can find your customer number on every Bosch invoice in the right top corner. It should start with 820, 190, 119 or 200. If in doubt, you can contact your Bosch sales representative.

    2. Material number of your product (e.g. F.01U.321.917)

    3. Serial number of the faulty product



    4. Return reason code: R13 - Optical and/or lens issue (iris, zoom, focus, sensor, unsharp) 

    5. Detailed description: Lens-holder gap,  focus issue for the camera's image.


    • In case the unit was bought directly from Bosch, send the form to Central Technical Support Team so that they can afterwards send it towards the repair desk.
    • Otherwise, if the unit was bought from distributor, please ask him to forward it directly to RMA Desk (see e-mail address in the RMA form).
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