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    How to search articles by using labels in BT Knowledge Base?

    Knowledge Base of articles for Bosch’s Security and Safety Products and Services is an user friendly website where you can easily find an information you are looking for with 1 click away.

    For instance, you can search for articles that have been given a particular label.

    These labels are helping us to create simple and powerful classification and search tools so that you can quickly find an article that undoubtedly will help you find the answer or solution you are looking for.


    How? You can see few examples below.


    1.  Let’s suppose that you are only looking for articles related to Cloud Based Services. To find them all, you have to access the Security: Video section from community (Lithium) and a list of labels will be displayed on the right side of the page. Select the label named cloud_based_services from the list and all articles related to this label will show up

    Important: This option can be used for articles belonging to other different BUs, products or categories by selecting the label of interest to you






    2. If you want to see articles belonging to one of the three categories below, you have to search them by the corresponding label:

    • [How to] articles ➡ search “bt_how-to” label
    • [FAQ] articles ➡ search “bt_faq” label
    • [Troubleshooting] articles ➡ search “bt_tsg” label


    Note: If you know the label name, you can easily change it directly in the URL

    For example, change the “bt_how-to” to “bt_faq” and all articles belonging to the label you entered will show up.




    3. There are labels belonging to one of the BUs listed below:

    • Video  vs” label
    • Intrusion  in” label
    • Access Control  acs” label
    • Public Address and Conference systems  com” label
    • Fire  fir” label
    • BIS  bis” label

    Note: Each label listed at point 3 belongs to his own BU particular section. See some examples:


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