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    UHO-PoE-10 cannot get powered by every Cisco PoE+ switch

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    Possible causes and solution(s)


    • Causes


    Not all Cisco PoE+ switches are able to power up the UHO-PoE-10 or VSP-UHO-PoE-10 outdoor housing (F.01U.300.502, F.01U.332.052).

    Bosch has introduced the UHO-PoE-10 in 2014 following the IEEE802.3-2009 standards

    Cisco claims that the Bosch UHO-PoE-10 at startup for a short moment (around 1 micro second) exceeds maximum current peek allowed by the updated IEEE 802.3-2015 standard, allowing the PSE (Power Source Equipment) to withdraw the power as a protective measure.

    Due to analogue overcurrent protector components in the Cisco switch it can happen that tolerances may cause variety in behavior over different Cisco switches, even when the same model and setups are used.

    Currently this behavior is only known on some Cisco models. (reports were seen on C2960X, C3560CX and recently C9200.)


    • Solution


    Applying the Bosch NPD-6001B midspan is a way that can be recommended in case the switch is found to be strict in its port protection to be able to power the housing.

    Though beyond the scope of this article, there are also other reasons for a switch to not provide power. Some trouble shooting pointers to consider:

    • Ensure that CDP protocol is disabled
    • Ensure that the camera is configured for extra power request  (Network->Advanced->LLDP power config->Additional Power, claim: 25,5W) due to application in UHO (also see installation guide)
    • Ensure that switch has sufficient power allocatable, check the power budget
    • Check if enable or disable LLDP for the port or complete switch could improve the situation
    • Check if static 30W power allocation could work, instead of the auto power negotiation
    • Check if Cisco 2-event allocation could improve the situation
    • Check if increasing Ethernet cable length increase could improve the situation

    Check with Switch supplier if an I max situation exists and could be resolved. Some example PoE-Imax-Errors-on-Catalyst-3850 series.html and General Catalyst 3850 PoE port configuration info

    To achieve a broader compatibility with switches and Midspans, for example the NPD-9501 Midspan and Cisco PoE+ switches (like C2960X, C3560CX and C9200).

    The UHO-POE-10 Outdoor housing received a product enhancement.


    How to identify if UHO-PoE-10 is the new variant?

    • The new batch contains products which contain SN starting with 404023113800040670
    • POE module is Blue, previous was Black!


    Please always check the datasheet for the power requirements, and check the product catalogue for the various compatible (bt) midspans:



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