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    What is Essential Video Analytics & when to use it (resolution, real-life calculation & frame rate)?



    What is Essential Video Analytics & when to use it (resolution, real-life calculation & frame rate)?




    Essential Video Analytics allows you to record all of the object information and change the rules even after the fact for fully configurable forensic search.

    Bosch Essential Video Analytics is a video analytics type that is delivered as standard with Bosch IP 4000 to 6000 series with CPP7.3 and older. Furthermore, it is not depending on a hardware accelerator at the IP camera.

    See also: Essential Video Analytics Datasheet

    Architecture and resolution


    Please find the information about the architecture of Essential Video Analytics below.




    The resolution of Essential Video Analytics is different from the IP camera output as it is being processed separately and sub-samples the video before the encoder processes it.


    Real-life calculation Essential Video Analytics 

    • Detection resolution: 320 x 180 pixels 
    • Horizontal meter/pixel: 40 / 320 ≈ 0.13 m/pixel 
    • Minimum horizontal size: 5 x 0.13 ≈ 0.65 meter. 

    Note: The resolution calculation is more complicated because: 

    1. The distance resolution is best near the camera (1 pixel represents a smaller area of ground) 
    2. In the distance the resolution degrades because 1 pixel can represent several meters of ground 

    Frame Rates 


    The Video Analytics frame rate depends on the maximum frame rate provided by the camera sensor. 


    When to use?

    Essential Video Analytics is best fit in: 

    • Small /indoor environments: the detection distance here is not that important as the area that it needs to be covered by the camera it is not very large. Because the area is small the object detection is not impacted by the resolution degradation in the distance. 
    • Controlled environments: in a controlled environment the optimal conditions for a good Video Analytics performance can be influenced.  such as lightning. 
    • Normal weather conditions 

    Typical applications for Essential Video Analytics environments are small and medium businesses, large retail stores, commercial buildings, and warehouses.


    Typical application tasks for Essential Video Analytics are: 

    • (Indoor) intrusion detection  
    • Enforcing health and safety regulations: 
      • Enforcing no-parking zones 
      • Detect blocked emergency exits
    • Business analytics: 
      • Queuing 
      • People counting  
      • Crowd density information




    Bosch Security and Safety Systems YouTube channel: Video Systems - Video Analytics how-to videos



    For a better understanding of using Video Analytics, we encourage you to join our online trainings from Bosch Building Technologies AcademyVideo Analytics Basics & IVA pro technical introduction training


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