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    What should you know about the warranty status of a DIVAR IP unit?


    To find out if your unit is under warranty or not, you must provide the serial number to the Central Technical Support team.

    Warranty status

    Mandatory information

         In Warranty*

    The warranty period is calculated from the invoice date, not the production date.

    It is important to note that you have the option to extend the warranty.

    To initiate the warranty extension process, you will be directed to the local sales representative.


     Out of Warranty**

    If the unit exceeds the initial warranty period, but still fully operational, the warranty can be extended by providing proof of full functionality and good health status.

    If you choose the warranty extension, please contact your Bosch sales representative if you are a direct customer, otherwise please contact your distributor.

    If the unit exceeds the initial warranty period and is not functional, the unit must be repaired first on your own cost. Please address this with  the IT partner.


    *Full hardware support is provided during warranty period only.

    **Systems that are out of warranty and present a fault will be supported by the Central Technical Support team as best effort. Please check the Out of Warranty Statement for any additional details.


    An Out of Warranty system may be repaired as per below:

    • Standard IT partner RMA Process: Systems should be shipped to IT partner RMA Desk for repair. You will be directed to IT partner and notified that costs may be incurred, including shipping fees, diagnostic fees, and replacement parts, if necessary.
    • If the unit is less than five 5 years old  and Out of Warranty, then the BOOST Warranty Extension shall be offered.
    • If Central Technical Support detects that the failure is caused by FRU (Field Repairable Unit), they will inform you which part should be replaced and provide the part number code and contact details of our Spare Parts department. Keep in mind that in this case the repair is on your own cost and Central Technical Support will only provide you the Installation Manual for Replacement Instructions.


    In conclusion, when you have an Out of Warranty unit, take note that you have the following options:

    • Buy warranty extension to get full tech support on Hardware, before the units failure.
    • Buy FRU – (Field Repairable Unit) and acknowledge the risk that the failure might not be fixed.


    ⚠️ Keep in mind that sometimes the issue can be related to the Software part and in this case the SMA (Software Management Agreement) is applicable.

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