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    What to consider when using the NDA-3080-CND Conduit adapter for DINION inteox 7100i installation?



    What to consider when using the NDA-3080-CND Conduit adapter for DINION inteox 7100i IR installation?





    When using the conduit adapter NDA-3080-CND for the installation, be sure to:

    • For protection against water ingress we recommend to avoid top entry for the conduit adapter and use the side and bottom entry position
    • Mark the position of the hole of the surface
    • Drill the hole with the appropriate diameter drill
    • Install a plug in the hole
    • Put the cable through the hole of the conduit plate
    • Attach the conduit plate with the conduit plate adapter to the surface
    • Install the conduit cover on the conduit plate. Tighten the two screws with the TR15 Allen key




     RJ45 punch-through aid CentralSupport_0-1690963022954.png


    Mount it

    • Fix the rubber grommets in both cables inlets and make sure that the cable inlets are firmly closed. Mount the wall plate to the conduit adapter NDA-3080-CND


    Wall plate

    • Attach the mounting plate to the surface with 4 screws


    Compatibility with various existing mounting options

    Other useful information:

    • Cable management
      • Connect the Ethernet cable to the unit
      • Connect the power cable in case no PoE is used


    • Installing the camera base
      • Mount the unit on its base
      • Tighten the four screws




    • Angle adjustment
      • Using the Allen key, you can loose the camera articulation nuts to adjust the view angle of the camera towards the desired area
      • Always you need to tighten the nuts after positioning the camera as desired




    • Tilt angle
      • The unit has three flexible joints used for defining camera position and view angle




    • Adding a Micro SD card
      • You need to move the sun shield forward to the max position, in order to get access to the Micro SD card slot
      • Note: You will find the Reset button here as well


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