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    FLEXIDOME panoramic 5100i IR Dewarping Quad view: ePTZ is working only for 1 top left cameo


    Possible causes and solution(s)


    • Causes


    When looking at the live view via browser (Dewarped view mode) of FLEXIDOME panoramic 5100i IR camera, the ePTZ controls work only for the 1 top left cameo.

    Also, the Active region cannot be selected – there is no action when trying to select one of the regions out of the 4 present in the Live view

    • Camera details:
      • FLEXIDOME panoramic 5100i IR
      • Firmware version: 8.50.0138
      • CTN: NDS-5703-F360LE

    • Browsers used:
      • Firefox - 101.0.1
      • Edge - 89.0.774.68
      • Internet Explorer - 21H1 (OS Build 19043.1348)

    Edge Dewarp introduced in FW 8.50: the ePTZ was only possible in IE 11; all other browsers failed.

    This was due to the web page had an incorrect style tag, which was refused by modern browsers.


    • Solution


    This behavior is fixed in CPP14.2 FW 8.51.0009. It is released and available in the DLS.

    "An issue is fixed where, in onboard dewarping mode, only the top-left image pane of a quad view could be PTZ controlled." and the cameras are working as the edge dewarping limitations state.  → Release Letter


    Please upgrade your FLEXIDOME panoramic 5100i IR camera to the Firmware version 8.51.0009 or higher (CPP14.2)

    All CPP14.2 Firmware versions are available on the Download Store web page: select Firmware tab > choose Cameras and Encoders & CPP 14.2 > click Select > download the Firmware version 8.51.0009 or higher by clicking on the corresponded link, under the Reference column

    After upgrading your camera, you can select the region you want to move from "Active region". The yellow square is the selected active region. 



    🛈 Note:

    BVMS: We do not support ePTZ for Camera 2 and 3 in edge Dewarp mode. They will only be displayed as fixed cameras, no option for PTZ.

    • Camera 1 will appear as panoramic camera which we can control via ePTZ.

    Video Security Client (VSC): only support controlling the individual sectors for client-side dewarping.

    • Edge dewarping ePTZ is not supported.
    • Restriction is mentioned in the VSC Release Letter.




    New features depending on the Firmware version:

    Starting with FW 8.20.0143:

    • Cameras provide an image circle together with an appropriate lens curve to allow dewarping at client side.

    Starting with FW 8.50.0138:

    • Onboard dewarping for FLEXIDOME panoramic 5100i family, providing the possibility to switch the operational mode of the camera to provide three virtual cameras

    Starting with FW 8.51.0009:

    • HDMI output is now supporting dewarped views when the camera is running in onboard dewarping mode. View on HDMI output can be selected from one of the virtual lines.

    Starting with FW 8.70.0067:

    • On FLEXIDOME panoramic 5100i, in onboard dewarping mode, the supported resolutions for line 2 and line 3 have been increased
    • On FLEXIDOME panoramic 5100i, up to 6 pre-positions can be set and saved for the dewarped view modes.

     See more details in Bosch Release Letter CPP14.2 FW_8.70.0067

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    ‎11-30-2022 08:50 AM
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