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    How can I upgrade Videojet Decoder 8000 to the latest firmware?

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    How can I upgrade Videojet Decoder 8000 to the latest firmware?




    Depending on the current firmware version of the Videojet Decoder 8000:


    • Upgrade from FW ≤ 8.22 to intermediate 8.23
    • Upgrade from FW 8.23 (or higher) to intermediate 9.0
    • Upgrade from FW 9.0x (or higher) to intermediate 9.10
    • Upgrade from FW 9.10 (or higher) to intermediate 9.51 (or 9.60)
    • Upgrade from FW 9.51 (or higher) to latest 10.05

    *Firmware 9.10 must be installed prior to installation of this firmware 9.51.

    Firmware download location: Download Store or on the product page > Downloads: VIDEOJET decoder 8000 page

    Important notes from Release Notes regarding firmware upgrade:

    • Installation notes
      • Due to security reasons HTTP Basic Authentication, which transports passwords as clear text, has been removed since Configuration Manager 5.5x. As Digest Authentication is not supported for HTTP in VIDEOJET decoder firmware, a firmware update using HTTP or RCP+ protocol will only work if no service password is set in the decoder.


    • Restrictions: Known issues
      • Monitors may be swapped after update. Swap back is possible using Configuration Manager.
      • Firmware update from 8.23 to 9.00 may fail on first attempt because resources required for this huge update may have been consumed by its dedicated internal purposesThis can be avoided by performing a power cycle on the decoder before starting the update.


    • Changes with 9.50.0073
      • The issue that a firmware update using HTTPS required a service password set, and did not work with empty password, is fixed. Firmware upgrades using HTTPS now also work without a service password set.


    NOTE: For more information please refer to Release Notes of Videojet Decoder 8000.

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