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    How-to: [UPDATE] connect to and configure the portable camera installation tool

    In situations when you need to commission a camera that it not yet connected to the network and / or has no power supply, the Bosch portable installation tool can help:

    • Fast on-site commissioning solution with Bosch Project Assistant app
    • Highly portable, lightweight and compact installation tool
    • Rechargeable high capacity Lithium-ion battery
    • No dependency on available network and power infrastructure

    The following video shows you how to connect the device and how to configure it in order to align the device's and the cameras' target network  settings:

    This is the old way as for Project Assistant versions < 1.3:


    This is the easier and more convenient way introduced with Project Assistant 1.3.1:

    1) Project Mode

    2) Single Camera Mode



    • Wi-Fi interaction between the Bosch Portable Installation Tool and the Project Assistant differs slightly between the three platforms (Windows, iOS and Android). Please refer to the videos above for details
    • Automatic detection of the tool’s Wi-Fi access point within the app might not work, if the tool was previously connected to / added to the list known Wi-Fi networks in the phone’s or PC’s Wi-Fi settings, i.e. the first time connection was established outside of the Project Assistant.
      Remove the tool’s Wi-Fi network from the list of known networks of your phone/PC and re-connect from within the Project Assistant.
    • Wi-Fi access point is set to factory default by pressing the reset button on the (physical) Wi-Fi module of the Bosch Portable Installation tool


    Yours sincerely,


    Your Bosch Security App Team

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