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    How to activate the SNMP and configure sending SNMP traps from Bosch cameras?

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    The camera supports the SNMP V1 (Simple Network Management Protocol) for managing and monitoring network components, and can send SNMP messages (traps) to IP addresses. It supports SNMP MIB II in the unified code.

    You may need the SNMP MIB file when you are trying to monitor the camera through a Bosch or 3rd party software. This article aims to describe how to find and enable the SNMP on a Bosch camera.

    Article requirements:

    • IP camera
    • PC
    • Same LAN connection between the camera and PC


    Step-by-step guide


    A) Where can you get the SNMP MIB for your IP devices: cameras, encoders, VRM?

    For cameras and encoders, the mib file is included in the file when you download the .zip firmware from the camera's product page (go to Downloads > select Software > download the .zip file you need).

    Unzip the Firmware file and you will find the .mib file there:



    For IP camera operating on firmware and belowyou can find it on the web page of the camera, using the following url: 

    For example: a camera with IP address, the command looks like the following: 



    • For VRM it is included in the installation files you can download from the web page. Each version of VRM has a different MIB file.


    B) Activate the SNMP on the camera

    1. Go to the web interface using Internet Explorer or any other browser (type its IP address)
    2. Login in to the camera
    3. Go to Configuration >Network >Network Management
    4. Select the desired SNMP version (v1 or v3) , click on Set > Set and Reboot

      3 How to find and activate the SNMP on a DINION IP starlight 6000 HD camera to be able to monitor it.png
      4 How to find and activate the SNMP on a DINION IP starlight 6000 HD camera to be able to monitor it.png

    5. After the camera reboots, enter an SNMP Host address (where the traps will be sent). Select from the dropdown menu of the SNMP Traps > the desired traps that you wish to be sent

      5 How to find and activate the SNMP on a DINION IP starlight 6000 HD camera to be able to monitor it.png
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