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    How to avoid losing recordings when moving cameras from one VSG to another?



    How to avoid losing recordings when moving cameras from one VSG to another?

    This recommendation could be applied if the storage is overloaded, as there are several Onvif cameras running through it.




    If you already installed the VSG service on another storage and you divided the cameras, the next step is to change the IP addresses of the cameras. That way you can keep them (disconnected) to the existing VSG instances while adding them as new cameras to new VSG instances. The old recordings are then available using the old cameras in the logical tree. After the retention time has run out, you can remove the cameras from the system.


    Please keep in mind that you need an extra license for each camera for the period when it is added twice in the configuration (one license for each IP).


    Another option would be to remove the cameras (the old IP) from the logical tree and leave them only in the first tab in the configuration. In this way, no additional license will be required But, this option will not allow you to see the camera constantly in the Operator Client.

    If you need some recordings / playback / export from a specific camera, you'll have to remove another camera from the logical tree and then add the old one back

    When finished, remove the camera again and add the one you would like to use at that moment.

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