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    How to collect Video SDK log files

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    Collect Video SDK Logs for VSDK based applications:

    Follow the exact steps:

    1. Enable VSDK logging

        1.1 Create the directory C:\VSDK\Log.

               - VSDK writes logs only when this directory exists

               - In case it was already existing, there would be old logs. Delete them.

       1.2 Enable specific VSDK log level. This is done by creating registry key in the registry directory


           -Click Start, type regedit in the Open box, and then click OK.

            - Locate the registry directory VideoSDK5 (if it doesn’t exist, create it)- For 64 Bitsystem: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Bosch\VideoSDK5

          - If no specific instructions are provided, create: "BVIPDebug" [DWORD] /[DWORD -32 bit]

               The possible values are:

                                                  0 - No changes

                                                  1 - Debug mode - set the value to 1

    2. Reproduce the issue.

         2.1. VSDK logs are overwritten fast, so once the issue is reproduced, close the application (BVMS,

    BVC, etc)

        2.2. In case there is no application concerned, but the logs are written for a service (like MVS), you

    should stop the service in order the files to be written in the directory log and only then copy them(otherwise they will be empty).

         2.3. Write down short description of the issue (including IP address of the affected devices) and the

    timestamp of the issue.

    3. Collect the logs

          3.1. For BVMS always use BVMS Configuration Collector tool, it will collect also VSDK logs

          3.2. For other VSDK applications copy the content of the directory C:\VSDK\Log.

    4. Disable the VSDK logging.

         4.1. Delete the registry key or set its value to 0

         4.2. Delete the directory C:\VSDK\Log


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