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    How to collect logs from DIVAR IP all-in-one 7000 gen4 through ASUS Inband Tool?

    With the release of the DIVAR IP all-in-one 7000 gen4 (DIP-74xx), a new tool is available for health monitoring and log gathering, it essentially replaces SuperMicro’s SuperDoctor5; the ASUS Inband Tool. This tool operates as a service on the DIP and provides a webpage with hardware health monitoring options, hardware status details, and hardware information, as well as an option to export logs and run reports. There are other tools that can be used to gather logs from the DIP (LSA and BMC), but the ASUS Inband Tool is the main and most elaborate tool for this purpose. Besides this purpose, the Inband tool also provides the service to Remote System Management to remotely read out the health status of the system’s components.


    Step-by-step guide


    1. Open the ASUS Inband Tool from the Start Menu or through the shortcut in the Tools folder on the Desktop



    2. Sign in using the credentials set.

    Note: Default credentials at the first login are:

    • Account: admin
    • Password: admin


    The tool has a "Report" menu option that allows creating CSV or JSON-formatted reports on the system. The following information can be exported:


    • CPU Information
    • CPU Utilization
    • Memory Information
    • Memory Utilization
    • DISK Utilization
    • Disk Information
    • NIC Information

    System Log:

    • Audit Log
    • Event Log
    • System Event Log (SEL)

    Server Health:

    • Fan Status (over time)
    • Power Status (over time)
    • Temperature Status (over time)

    RAID Events


    3. Before exporting the reports and logs of the system, enable them by ticking the boxes next to the information of interest, select the report type (CSV format preferred for support purposes) and click on the “Generate report” button:


    Note: As the server health statuses are recorded over time, the gathered logging can be defined with a start and end date to narrow down the troubleshooting information.

    Besides the exported logs from the ASUS Inband Tool, ASUS Technical Support recommends adding the following to reports to them:

    • Microsoft Windows System Information Export
    • Screenshots of any error messages on-screen or symptoms on-screen
    • Photographs of any physical issues


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