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    Extra licenses can be purchased for additional features of your devices as your business grows.

    After adding cameras to the system, you may need to use additional features of them, like microphone use, Serial Protocol Software License, Camera Trainer license for Intelligent Video Analytics, NTCIP license for moving cameras and so on.

    Depending on the camera model, you can have additional features by installing the optional licenses.

    Follow the instructions below and find out how you can activate a license on your Bosch camera.


    Article requirements:

    • Bosch Camera
    • Access to internet
    • Recommended Browser: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome
    • Valid account to log in into the Bosch Online license Management System (SLMS) or a valid email address to register
    • Access to PC to get the Installation Code
    • Optional: Configuration Manager


    Step-by-step guide


    1. First, you need to have the installation code of your device.
      The process for how you can find the installation code needed to license a Bosch camera is described here.

    2. Once you have the installation code, please log in into the Bosch Online license Management System (SLMS)

    3. Select "Create Demo Licenses"


    4. Fill in the Installation Code of your camera (from step 1) and complete the Installation Site name that corresponds to the actual site where the device is installed for easy identification.

      *Please keep in mind that this cannot be changed if you use something random.

      2-license bosch camera.png

    5. After clicking the "Submit" button, copy the activation key that was generated and paste it into the "Activation key" field from Configuration Manager or WEB GUI and save you changes.

      The installed licenses of your device will be displayed straight away.

      4_How to license a Bosch camera.png

    6. Restart the camera in order to use the features of the license you added.


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