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    How to request a RTSP multicast stream from a BOSCH IP camera/ encoder?

    If you are interested in retrieving the stream of an IP camera using multicast, please check out the options below.


    Step-by-step guide


    The below string triggers a multicast stream using the multicast IP address and the port that were predefined in the camera configuration without using them in the request.
    If nothing is defined in the camera MC-settings it shall generate a Multicast address + port on the fly
    (see device webpage > Settings > Network > Multicast)

    Note that: multicast cannot be "disabled" on a camera, it can only not be enabled/ used.

    Example from VLC:
    File > Open Network > Play > Login with camera’s credentials > Ok

    request a RTSP multicast stream from a BOSCH IP camera or encoder.png

    If the camera has a password type in the URL:

    request a RTSP multicast stream from a BOSCH IP camera or encoder_2.png

    request a RTSP multicast stream from a BOSCH IP camera or encoder_3.png

    request a RTSP multicast stream from a BOSCH IP camera or encoder_4.png

    Other useful information

    1.     What kind of Bosch tools are used to play/ view multicast streams or to verify the Multicast services?
    Anything can be used for viewing and checking the multicast streams like: BVMS video SDK, BVC etc.
    Connections could be seen most easily from the dashboard camera (FW 7.10 +) where you see the IP you are sending to.

    2.     What are the usage of 239.x.x.x and 255.x.x.x multicast streams?
    It's a general network, it's a range that is part of a defined standard for multicast – not specific for Bosch.

    3.     Why does my rtsp client not connect to my MC -ip configured in the CPP3 menu?
    A Multicast address configured on a CPP3 encoder is not synchronized with the Multicast-RTSP stream.
    On CPP platforms like CPP4, 6, 7 , 7.3 the RTSP multicast is synchronized with the multicast encoder menu page.

    There are generally 2 options:

    Option 1 :
    Connect to the device by choosing the option to get a random Multicast-Group+port generated by the encoder.

    (Note: multicast does not need to be enabled on the encoder for this to work)

    • This only needs to be enabled if video is being retrieved via Bosch Video SDK cameo and Multicast is required for e.g. BVC/BVMS etc.

    Option 2 :
    Define a specific Multicast-Group address and/or port


    • (Note: You can specify a port by adding the parameter &mc_port_video=60001)

    a. Example: with defined Multicast-group but no port defined, in this case a random port is used:

    b. Example : with defined Multicast-group + port:

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