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    Problems with NTCIP control of Auto focus, Auto iris or Wipers


    This may occur after a FW upgrade to CPP7.3 FW 7.72.0008 or higher.

    Or it can occur after an ITS software is updated, but the camera remains at a FW version less than 7.72.0008.

    Possible causes and solution(s)



    • Auto focus, Auto iris, and wiper functions were first released in Bosch Moving cameras in 2007 per NTCIP 1205:2001 v01.08.

      • In September 2014 the standard was revised to NTCIP 1205 v01 AMENDMENT 1. Bosch did not implement the changes at that time.
      • An increased amount of Department of Transportation (DOT)in various states have integrated Auto Focus and Auto Iris controls into their ITS software.


    • At the request of a major DOT customer, the Bosch FW was updated to meet NTCIP 1205 v01 AMENDMENT 1 in November 2020 as CPP7.3 7.72.0008.

      • This in turn can break the functionality in other states that have not upgraded their software to NTCIP 1205 v01 AMENDMENT 1.

    • Or, the ITS customer may upgrade their software to NTCIP 1205 v01 AMENDMENT 1, but are using a FW version less than CPP7.3 FW 7.72.0008.

      • The new software implementation can break the functionality with the older FW.



    • If the problem occurs after the upgrade to 7.72.0008 or higher, then please contact the software supplier and request that they update to the latest standard.
      • The software supplier may not want to implement this globally, since some other camera manufacturers may not have updated to this standard.
        • If this is the case, then the software supplier could possibly develop a driver for the Bosch cameras and others that use the 2014 standard.
        • Or the cameras must be downgraded to FW to 7.70.0126. For security reasons this older FW has been revoked and is not publicly available.
          • Contact Technical Support to request this FW via a legacy FW waiver process.
    • If the control problems occur after the ITS software is updated to NTCIP 1205 v01 AMENDMENT 1, then the camera is probably still less than 7.72.0008.
      • Upgrade the FW to the latest version available at the Bosch Download Store.


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