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    Resolve SD Card Recording Issues with the MIC-7100i IP starlight and Inteox Cameras


    Possible causes and solution(s)



    • MIC-7100i IP starlight or inteox does not format/record microSD/SD cards.
    • MIC-7100i IP starlight or inteox stops recording on a full size SD card and reports the SD card in an offline state.
    • MIC-7100i IP starlight or inteox will not format/record on a full size SD card with a capacity greater than 64 GB.




    1. Use only a full size SD card. Do not use a microSD card with an SD card adapter.
    2. If acceptable for the use case, use only a 64 GB or smaller SD card.
    3. If greater than 64 GB is required for the use case, then determine if the Serial Number (SN) of the camera is lower than 0446797*23717*011005 (January 17, 2022).

            a. If the camera was made before this date, then the customer must request an RMA for an Advanced Exchange (AE).

                     i. The replacement unit will have a minor HW upgrade to support full size SD cards greater than 64 GB.

                     ii. Any MIC-7100i IP inteox must use CPP13 FW version 8.45.0032 or higher.

                    iii. Any MIC-7100i IP starlight must use CPP7.3 FW version 7.84.0023 or higher.

            b. If it was made after this date, the only requirement is to upgrade the FW.

                    i.Any MIC-7100i IP inteox must use CPP13 FW version 8.45.0032 or higher.

                   ii. Any MIC-7100i IP starlight must use CPP7.3 FW version 7.84.0023 or higher.

    4      At this time, the new FW does not support an Auto-Format. Refer to the Release Notes attached for more details.

            a. The SD card must be formatted manually, regardless of whether it is new or has already been used for recordings.

    IMPORTANT: If any previous recordings exist, they will be erased.



    SD Cards Tested by Bosch

    The following three Western Digital full size SD cards have been tested and are available for order from Bosch with the part numbers listed below. They have been added as accessories to the camera datasheets.

    1. SD-064G / F.01U.394.677
    2. SD-128G / F.01U.394.678
    3. SD-256G / F.01U.394.679

    If the installer/customer wants to use an SD card of a different brand, then they must make sure that the card is equivalent to the recommended card from Bosch. The installer/customer is responsible for testing to ensure that the card is fully compatible..

    The recommended test is to:

    1. Ensure that the FW has been upgraded to the fixed versions listed in the solution Step 3.
    2. Install the card on a bench test, format it, set up recording, and test it until it is full and has started to record over the video from when recording was started.
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