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    Sony cameras : edge recording and SD cards when DVR fails

    Quick guide about the SD cards and the settings that need to be inside of the camera in order to have recording on SD.


    • Causes:


    This information is for example when the central DVR is disconnected and the footage is stored on the SD card.

    The edge recording on network disconnect option for the SNC-VM772R relies on an RTSP keep alive message from the monitored IP address to determine when recording should begin/end.  Several other settings limitations are also required.


    • Solution


    To properly configure edge recording on network disconnection:


    1.  Properly syn the camera time to the monitoring PC/VMS

    2.  Properly inset and format an approved SD card

    3.  To record H.264 set as follows:


              a.  Set Bit Rate Compression Mode to CBR

              b.  Set BitRate to 2Mbps or lower

              c.  Set Frame Rate to 30fps or lower

              d.  Set I-picture Interval to 1 second


    4.  When recording, set Image Codec 2 and 3 to Off

    5.  The camera must be connected with an uninterrupted power supply in order to maintain power during the network disconnection

    6.  Set the host PC/VMS IP address as Monitored IP Address in Network Disconnection settings under the Action Input tab

    7.  Set Network Disconnection at the Edge Storage Movie item in the Execution Condition tab under the Action Output settings

    8.  Start up the RTSP client software such as VLC media player or a VMS on the monitoring PC, and begin an RTSP stream from the camera

    9.  Remove the Ethernet cable of the monitoring PC to simulate a network disconnection

    10.  Default RTSP keep alive period is 20 seconds, so it is possible to take up to 20 seconds before edge recording starts

    11.  Current recording status can be viewed from another PC connected to the cameras Settings menu at the Edge Storage tab of the Action Output settings

    12.  Recording will continue until an RTSP connection is made to the camera from the monitored IP address

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