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    VJD-7513: 2nd monitor connected via USB-C to the DP port shows no output on the second monitor

    Possible causes and solution(s)


    VIDEOJET decoder 7000 provides an HDMI and a DisplayPort (via USB-C connector) output, both capable of driving monitors of up to 4K UHD simultaneously. The device utilizes a 10/100/1000Base-T port.


    • Causes


    Decoder VJD-7513 with FW 10.31.0005 is displayed in BVMS

    • First monitor connected on HDMI to HDMI on monitor shows images.
    • Second monitor connected via a USB-C-to-DP cable to the DP port on the monitor shows no output on the second monitor.

    This is not a DisplayPort specific issue, this would also include HDMI.


    • Solution


    • Try to physically remove the PSU out of the Videojet, then plug in it back. The decoder will reboot, and it should detect the second monitor.
    • The screen refresh rate at 4K UHD display is limited to 30Hz, and that the decoded output frame rate is reduced to 15 frames per second when using dual 4K UHD displays.
      • E.g. If I have 2 UHD monitors connected to the Decoder and you have 1080p60 camera's.
      • Decoder must be set to Best at 30Hz as it is a UHD Monitor.
      • What is my indeed frame rate?
        • 1 x UHD = 30Hz, Max frame rate per camera / cameo = 30
        • 2 x UHD = 30Hz / 2 = 15Hz, Max frame rate per camera / cameo = 15
    • Physical Monitor "Display" must be detectable by the OS in order to bring the Display out of Stand-by mode
      • Note: Adapters, Cables & connectors can influence this believer at a Decoder Reboot.
    • Adapters: USB-C-"Display-x" & USB-RS232 are supported by MS Windows 10 default drivers!
    • Additional Drivers and SW etc.: it is not supported to install separate drivers. This is the reason Adapters need to be supported by the OS.


    To be checked in addition:

    1. What Type of connection/s are used? - e.g. HDMI → HDMI,  USB-C → Display-Port, etc.
    2. What is the Length of Cable? cable should not be longer than 5 meters.
    3. Quality of Cable used?
    4. Are the cables secured? Do not let the cable hang from their connectors.
    5. What adapters are used, including CTN?
    6. Are there any other Media interfaces used? E.g. Fiber Optics.
    7. Type & qty of Monitor/s used in the system including CTN.
    8. Have you checked the Refresh rate of the monitor? And set the Resolution Adaptation to the matching value. E.g. HD = 60Hz, UDH = 30Hz
    9. Are you using Single or Both Monitor outputs? (Refer to above)
    10. Check that the Decoder is well ventilated.
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