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    What is IVA Pro Perimeter and what does 2D & 3D Tracking Parameters mean?



    What is IVA Pro Perimeter and what does 2D & 3D Tracking Parameters mean?




    Video analytics software for mission-critical perimeter protection. For protection against professional intruders that are camouflaged, rolling or crawling to circumvent detection, IVA Pro Perimeter is ideal, as well as for detecting objects that do not fall within the object classes defined in IVA Pro Buildings and IVA Pro Traffic. When greater detection distances are needed, IVA Pro Perimeter is the ideal choice as well.

    2D Tracking Parameters
    No calibration necessary.

    • Perimeter tracking (2D) (formerly called Standard tracking)
      This is the default option for perimeter protection.
    • Museum mode (2D) (formerly called Museum mode)
      This is an optimized tracking mode to detect whenever someone tries to reach towards and touch a valuable asset like a museum exhibit.
      It can also be used in any other application where approaching a sterile zone from a more crowded environment shall be detected.
    • Ship tracking (2D) (formerly called Ship tracking)
      Used to track ships from shore, for example for uses in harbour & canal surveillance as well as perimeter protection on coastlines.

    Note: In this case, Formerly means CCP 7.3 and older.


    3D Tracking Parameters

    In order to use the 3D tracking parameters, you need to calibrate the camera because 3D options require the system to 'know' the perspective.
    You can choose between:

    • Perimeter tracking (3D)
      (formerly called 3D tracking)
      When compared to Perimeter tracking (2D), the advantage is added object classification, geo-location and speed approximation. Compared to IVA Pro Traffic (3D), the advantage is the added detection distance.
    • People tracking (3D)
      (formerly called 3D people counting)
      This option is useful if it's just people that need to be tracked; each moving object will be detected as a person, so mainly useful in pedestrian areas.

      The setting is found in the VCA > Metadata tab.

    Note: In this case, Formerly means CCP 7.3 and older.


    Note: When selecting people tracking and you have a car on the road, it will be identified as a group of people.

    For more information on IVA Pro Perimeter Metadata generation please find the datasheet here.

    nice to know.png Nice to know:

    academy.png For a better understanding of using IVA Pro, we encourage you to join our online Video Analytics Online Training from Bosch Building Technologies Academy!

    This training provides in-depth technical details about the different video analytics packages. The how-to videos demonstrate how-to use specific features.


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