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    What to do when ‘decoder offline’ message occurs during the FW upgrade from 54.7 to 54.8 (VJD-7000)?



    What to do when ‘decoder offline’ message occurs during the FW upgrade from 54.7 to 54.8 (VJD-7000)?




    You can find the available firmware versions by accessing the below link:

    Bosch | VIDEOJET decoder 7000 | Encoders and Decoders (

    Click on "Software" and you will only see the Firmware which you can download.


    First, note that due to security concerns, basic authentication is no more supported. As a result, firmware cannot be uploaded to a password-protected VJD-7000 running FW 54.8.x or older.

    If the ‘decoder offline’ message occurs during the FW upgrade from 54.7 to 54.8,  try to use another version of Configuration Manager, or remove the password temporarily.

    • Uninstall the Configuration Manager (CM) you have currently installed
    • Try again with CM 7.62 and if it still doesn’t work, try with CM 7.51 (make sure to uninstall de CM every time, not directly installing the new CM)
    • Add the VJD in the Device List
    • Change the connection protocol to RCP+ (General > unit Access > Protocol)
    • Try to upload the firmware.
      • right click on the VJD> File Upload > Firmware > Select the FW file that you downloaded and select Open > click Start
    • During the boot process, do no touch the VJD at all, it will take some while; just allow it to boot as long as it has to (1 to 2 hours maybe)

    Note: If it fails, repeat the process with a different protocol until it works.


    ⚠️ However, after upgrading your VJD-7000 to the desired FW version using an older version of Configuration Manager, please make sure to always use the latest released version of Configuration Manager for further actions and usage.


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