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    Why the message "wrong or no signature" might appear?



    Did you try to upgrade the firmware of your camera and the message below was displayed?

    Find out from this article what might be the cause that could lead to this message being displayed:

    • “error 18: wrong or no signature”

    Why might the message wrong or no signature appear.png




    • Maybe you have tried to upgrade the camera with the wrong firmware (FW) or the upgrade was not done properly.
    • You have downloaded the firmware package from an unknown site, other than the official Bosch website and the file could have been corrupted.

    Depending on the firmware you have on your camera, the firmware upgrade must be done according to the release letter of the firmware you want to update.



    If you have a DINION IP starlight 7000 HD (CPP7) camera with the firmware 7.10 and you want to upgrade to the  FW version (7.70), this package must be used.

    According to the release letter of the Firmware 7.70, this supports CPP7 HD cameras and the upgrade must be done as the following:

    • upgrade from FW < 6.50 to intermediate FW 6.50
    • upgrade from FW 6.50 (<6.51) to FW 7.70


    ⚠️ To upgrade to a newer firmware version using this combined firmware package, products may require to have this firmware file uploaded multiple times until the intended firmware version is installed.


    Note: Please note that the combined firmware package is applicable to H.264 and H.265 products based on one of the following platforms:

    • CPP7.3 HD and UHD cameras

    o upgrade from FW < 6.50 to intermediate FW 6.50

    o upgrade from FW 6.50 (<6.51) to FW 7.70

    • CPP7 HD cameras

    o upgrade from FW < 6.50 to intermediate FW 6.50

    o upgrade from FW 6.50 (<6.51) to FW 7.70

    • CPP6 UHD cameras

    o upgrade from FW < 6.50 to intermediate FW 6.50

    o upgrade from FW 6.50 (<6.51) to FW 7.70

    • CPP5 encoders

    o upgrade from FW 5.91 or newer to latest FW 6.31

    • CPP4 HD cameras

    o upgrade from FW < 6.10 to intermediate FW 6.11

    o upgrade from FW < 6.50 to intermediate FW 6.50

    o upgrade EXTEGRA from FW 6.10 or newer to FW 6.32

    o upgrade from FW 6.50 (<6.51) to FW 7.10

    • CPP3 cameras and encoders

    o upgrade from FW 4.54.0026 or newer to FW 5.75

    • CPP-ENC encoders and decoders

    o VIP-X1600-XFM4 encoders: upgrade from FW 4.2x or newer to FW 5.54

    o VJT XF, VJD-3000 and VJC-7000 upgrade to FW 5.97


    The combined firmware file is not applicable to devices running firmware higher than FW 6.50 due to the two-factor authenticated release signature.

    Release letter version 7.70.0817:

    ✔️ Note: Please always check the latest available CPP and CPPS on

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