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    AUTODOME & MIC cameras – Privacy mask moves when zooming IN & OUT

    Possible causes and solution(s)


    Note: This experienced behavior is not caused by a wrong usage or defect, but result of a not optimal factory calibration.
    Note: Before start, it might be handy to activate "crosshairs", not all camera models have this. For example you can activate this on a MIC9000i (see below), but not on a AUTODOME IP starlight 5000i IR

    AUTODOME & MIC cameras – Privacy mask moves when zooming IN & OUT.png

    In the attached example video we used:
    AUTODOME IP starlight 5000i IR
    FW 7.81.0060

    First step is to calibrate the camera:

    1. Reboot the camera first
    2. Zoom in to a good recognizable place
    3. Issue AUX ON 804 > move gray dot to a calibration target (at least 3m from cam)
    4. Issue AUX ON 804 again > cam zooms out to 1x, if dot has moved use PTZ to move it back to the calibration target (you may want to use full and big screen)
    5. Issue AUX OFF 804 > calibration finished

    In the "Camera Calibration" video attached you can see an example of camera’s calibration.


    Next step is to properly draw the mask(s):

    1. First zoom in as close as possible on the target that you intend to cover
    2. Now enable the mask of choose, a rectangle box appears, shape this according the target
    3. Always draw the mask bit larger than the object you like to mask
    4. Choose 1 larger mask, above multiple tiny ones, in case this is possible
    5. Enable "mask enlargement"

    In the "Draw the mask" video attached you can see how to draw the mask.

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