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    BVMS SDK scriplets - Ticket Requirements

    In order to quickly offer a technical solution or to provide a professional advice for the next analysis steps, the technical support specialists need to get some general and basic information.

    Ticket content should always be in English and provided in a well summarized and structured way in order to be able to provide a quick and appropriate feedback.

    Not following the guideline will impact the processing time of the ticket.


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    Analyzing BVMS systems with SDK components is a challenging task, because the functionality and the runtime behavior of those systems are harder to determine than for a BVMS systems without SDK functionality.

    In order to troubleshoot BVMS systems with SDK components support needs the following information and logging.

    Please prove the following information to support:


    Symptom specific Information


    Problem Description

    • Detailed description of the expected behavior of the SDK functionality.
    • Detailed description of the actual behavior of the SDK functionality.


    SDK Components

    • What type is the standalone SDK application (based on ClientSDK, ServerSDK, or CameoSDK) and on which machine is it running?
    • Are there additionally client scripts, server scripts or workstation startup scripts?


    SDK Interactions

    • Do SDK components interact with remote Operator Clients?
    • Do SDK components interact with the Operator Client UI?
    • Do SDK components control devices?
    • How often are client scripts triggered?
    • How often are scripts triggered by BVMS event?



    • Which shared resources are accessed by SDK actions? (Dome cameras, AMG, Operator Client UI)
    • Do SDK components interact with an unreliable environment? (Unstable network, offline devices, offline PCs, etc.)
    • Do SDK components properly handle offline situations? (offline devices, configuration changes, etc.) 


    Logging Information

    Please provide the Scriplet and/or Log files

    The optimal approach is to provide both the scriplet and logging.

    • ClientScript logfiles: can be found in the ConfigCollection of Operator Client machines.
    • ServerScript logfiles: can be found in the ConfigColletion of Management Server machines.



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