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    Can ONVIF Cameras added to DIVAR network/hybrid be monitored with BVMS Viewer/ BVMS Operator Client?



    DIVAR network 5000/ DIVAR hybrid 5000 supports configuration of 3rd party cameras through the ONVIF Profile S protocol.

    Let's suppose that you have  ONVIF cameras connected to a DIVAR network 5000 / DIVAR hybrid 5000  on your site and you are using Bosch Video Management System (BVMS) Viewer.

    Can BVMS Viewer monitor those cameras at the same time?




    Yes, BVMS Viewer can display 3rd party ONVIF profile S compliant cameras, that were added in DIVAR configuration.

    As first step, the cameras should be added in the  DIVAR configuration. Then, the DIVAR should be added to the BVMS Viewer Device Tree and the DIVAR cameras should be added to BVMS Logical Tree. 

    After clicking the "Activate working copy of configuration" button image2020-8-3_17-49-35.png , these cameras will be visible in BVMS Viewer Operator Client.

    1_Can ONVIF Cameras added to DIVAR network-hybrid be monitored with BVMS Viewer-BVMS Operator Client.png


    • BVMS gets video stream from the DIVAR and not direct camera stream.
    • The information in this article is also valid for BVMS system, using BVMS Operator Client.


    Additional information:


    The free of charge base package includes 

    • 16 live only or local storage cameras
    • 5 Bosch recording solutions
    • 16 live and playback sites

    The system can be expanded with expansion licenses up to 500 cameras and 9999 sites.

    ⚠️ If you have activated the corresponding license, the BVMS Viewer software can add up to 32 DVR 

    2_Can ONVIF Cameras added to DIVAR network-hybrid be monitored with BVMS Viewer-BVMS Operator Client.png

    BVMS Viewer limits:

    • Maximum number of workstations: 1
    • Maximum number of cameras: 500
    • Maximum number of live and playback sites: 9999
    • Maximum number of DVRs: 32
    • Maximum number of VRMs: 32

    Good to know:

    • The recorder supports native camera integration with Bosch IP cameras which provides easy installation, configuration and maintenance options. This allows plug-and-play connectivity as the installer can connectand configure the cameras to the recorder without having to open every camera individually on a web client.
    • For further configuration 3rd party cameras are supported through the ONVIF Profile S protocol.


    Here is a helpful article to help you learn how to license the BVMS viewer for free!

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